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Fashion editor: Anne Christensen Rachel Mc Adams is just so cool. GLAMOUR: People seem to love gushing about you in interviews. GLAMOUR: When you did , did you have any idea it would become such a huge thing? GLAMOUR: What's your all-time favorite romantic movie? GLAMOUR: You have such wonderful chemistry with Channing Tatum. RACHEL MCADAMS: I wouldn't mind running a restaurant.

When I meet the 33-year-old actress for tea at a London hotel, she's wearing a loose sweatshirt, and her hair, in a dozen tiny buns, makes her look kind of adorably crazy. " she says, laughing, without the least bit of self-consciousness. RACHEL MCADAMS: Well, I bawled my eyes out when I got the script. But it was one of the first big things I had done, and I was just focused on getting through it. GLAMOUR: As the star of a movie like that, do you get asked for a lot of love advice? RACHEL MCADAMS: I was worried we might not, because we were more like brother and sister, like buds. GLAMOUR: So you're not aware that Ryan Gosling has become a huge feminist icon? I'm not an amazing cook, but I can follow a recipe. RACHEL MCADAMS: I was one once, but it made me very tired.

It's a bizarro, trippy movie about a godlike creature called Zardoz who talks through a giant stone head, a group of immortals who don't believe in sex or sleep, and Connery running around with all his body hair on display.

In this scene, Connery doesn't get a chance to over act, since John Alderton, playing the well named role of Friend, has that covered.

A group of young people wearing '60s cast off costumes are giving aggressive spirit fingers to Alderton. He will NOT go to the second level and doesn't mind conveying that through an array of weird screams and truly strange line reads. It doesn't make anymore sense in the context of the film either.

But we applaud Alderton for making the most of his odd moment in this terribly strange film.But did you know we also offer discounts at certain levels? And with larger quantities, save up to an additional xx%!(So, for all you value-seekers out there, the more you buy, the more you save.) What a deal! For exact prices on particular products and number of units, check out the bulk price list here » "Cafe Press has a great website which is easy to use and has so many great products that I had a difficult time trying to choose which items to buy.They want to see which one of them is the most po... Barbie and Ellie, the most beloved bffs, sure are and their destination is Europe!This trip has been carefully planned in the last few months and these girls are plan... 100 Years of Japanese Cinema - The Century of Cinema (1994) [X.peperolo] 9.

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