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Charles "Charlie" Dean was the brother of Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean; Democracy for America Chairman Jim Dean; and political activist Bill Dean.

In 1974, Charlie, who had been traveling through southeast Asia at the time, was captured and killed by Pathet Lao guerrillas. He was the star and co-creator of Rescue Me, which ended its seventh and final season on September 7, 2011.

"I was just finishing a book about optimism and happy thoughts (Always Looking Up), and he comes to me with this character, and I said, 'That's exactly what I need to do.' " Leary and Fox are longtime pals, and both share a love of hockey.

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Always good to see a face we recognize in the wedding announcements. Gawker weddings expert Phyllis Nefler has never insulted anyone, ever.

Will she break her streak in this week's altarcations?

Find on to participate in the roasts of Denis Leary, Pamela Anderson, Jeff Foxworthy, Flavor Flav, William Shatner, Joan Rivers, and David Hasselhoff and to serve as Roastmaster for Larry the Cable Guy") the lighting-flash moment came before she ever went on a date with Jimmy Cannizzaro."I swear this guy is going to want to meet me, and then he's going to want to marry me," she thought after Cannizzaro sent her an email with a headshot of himself and the note "I think you can use a big Italian in your life."A three-hour phone chat and three-hour first date later, she learned she was right.

She had a surprise for him on their second date: going to a New York Yankees game and sitting in Derek Jeter's box, between home plate and first base. After a couple of days, she agreed - thereby ending one of her main comedy routines: how much better in almost every respect it is to date black men.

(Derek Jeter's girlfriend, the actress Minka Kelly, who is a friend of Ms. "I'm not going to screw this up," she remembered moment, meanwhile, came as she skated behind a wobbly Paul Leeming, a former Choate classmate whom she had reconnected with when a friend of hers temporarily became one of his roommates, at a party at the Prospect Park ice rink. Leeming considers himself "the worst ice skater on the planet," he laced up his boots in an effort to spend time with her.

Lampanelli's, had offered the tickets.) He was delighted, despite being a Mets fan, and after the game he told her that he loved her."Wow, this is going fast," she remembered thinking, and changed the subject. He spent more time hanging on to her than hanging out with her."I thought to myself that if this guy was willing to try ice skating just to hang out with me, he must be pretty special," Ms. "As he's floundering and flopping around out there, I'm thinking, ‘This is the guy I'm going to marry.' "the announcement for Kate Fridkis and Simon Berring, who met on an online dating site — "' He was funnier than everyone else, but unattractive based on his picture,' said Ms.

Fridkis, who went out with him anyway, explaining, ' I needed the practice'" — and whose relationship quickly escalated.

This is how the announcement wraps up: Among the flurry of e-mails - five times a day - in the following days, Ms.

Famous men who have dated Elizabeth Hurley, listed alphabetically with photos when available.

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