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Rajee Narinesingh, a 48-year-old transgender woman from Hollywood, Florida, who received harmful injections made up of cement and tire sealant in her cheeks, chin, and lips at a 'pumping party' in 2005, met with Los Angeles-based surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif for the second time on Tuesday's season premiere of the E! Amazing transformation: Rajee Narinesingh had cement nodules removed from her face a decade after she had black market injections that left her disfigured.reality series Botched.'The day we graduate medical school we say, "Doctor do no harm." Rajee has never been offered a surgical solution because the risks outweigh the potential benefits,' Dr. Rajee is pictured before (L) and after (R) her surgeries Hoping to finally have the cement nodules removed from her face, Rajee appeared on Botched in 2015, but she was turned away after her consultation because Dr. Nassif felt it was ultimately safer to leave her face as it was.

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Case in point: the collective swoon upon the accession of Bashar al-Assad to the presidency of Syria in 2000.

Some analysts of Syrian politics expressed skepticism about a 34-year-old ophthalmologist's ability to manage the "desolate, repressive stability" that he inherited from his dictatorial father who had ruled for thirty years.

However, just a year later, the doctors were ready to give Rajee's face another look because Dr.

Dubrow desperately wanted to help her, however, Dr. Nassif were going to examine each side of her face and then switch, she couldn't help but joke: 'I'm going to be double teamed... I've come a long way baby.' During the consultation, he happily reported to Rajee that the steroids 'have really localized things' and reduced any kind of inflammatory response, allowing the doctors to easily see where the cement lumps are located underneath her skin.

Nassif was admittedly still skeptical that it couldn't be done. For Rajee's first surgery, the doctors tested the waters by removing a small piece of cement from her chin.

Less than a week later, her chin was healing nicely, proving that the surgery had been a success. Dubrow, who is pictured operating on Rajee, had to use a bone saw to carefully cut out the cement, while ensuring that he hasn't damaged the muscle tissue or the nerves in her face 'When I used to fantasize about being with guys I used to always picture myself with breasts and a vagina.

'The second thing I noticed about Susan were her very large breasts.

Basically I thought that she was coming to have something fixed with her breasts.'But she wasn't, and the performer is quick to show Dr. Terry Dubrow exactly what her weighty assets could pull off, though Dr.

Network reality series Botched, Boston, Massachussets native Susan Sykes, 53, insists to stunned doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow that she is actually incredibly happy with her oversized implants, and has been using them to smash and flatten objects under her stage name Busty Heart for about 30 years.

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