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Her TV acting credits include Peep Show, Shameless and Skins.She regularly performs to live audiences and on radio, including her Sony Award-winning BBC Radio 4 series Isy Suttie’s Love Letters, and has been nominated for a British Comedy Award three times.

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Unlike a lot of comics, who feel overwhelmed by their best-known on-screen persona, Dobby is a comfortable fit with Isy’s stand-up.

“She isn’t that far from what I’m like in real life, so hopefully people who like the show would like what I do live.” Isy radiates a warmth that carries through to her stand-up shows, and their disarming mix of musical numbers and bittersweet character comedy.

The invisible deal that Isy had made – to prolong growing up for as long as possible – was all in her head.

Suddenly everyone around her is into mortgages, farmers’ markets and nappies, rather than skinny-dipping in the sea and sambuca sessions on rope-swings.

*EVENT UPDATE* Sorry to announce that this event has been cancelled.

Here’s a message from Isy herself: “With a heavy heart, I’m so sorry to have to cancel this show but due to illness I have decided to cancel the rest of my Autumn tour to allow myself to recover from an ongoing problem.

The discussion covers the contents of Josh's lunchbox and of his early teens disco mix tape, as...

Listen Date: 12th February 2016 Length: 57 mins Size: 78.5mb In this very first episode, a tipsy John Robins chats to Isy Suttie about his angsty teenage love conundrums and whether growing up has changed his attitude towards relationships.

Politely but firmly, she responds, “I’m talking as Isy now: stop it please.

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