Who is kate voegele dating

While traveling through LA, Kate auditioned on a whim and would eventually land the role of Mia Catalano on the CW show, “One Tree Hill.” What was supposed to be a two-episode run became a four-season recurrence, and Kate found herself performing eleven of her original songs to millions of viewers over the course of the show.

Record sales jumped dramatically after Voegele’s first appearance on the show, and she was subsequently upstreamed to Interscope Records in January of 2008.

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She records exclusively for Red Bedroom Records and was under contract with the independent label, however, John Knight's Sire Records distributes her albums.

She believes that she owes her career to Haley and Peyton and is extremely grateful to them, even threatening to quit recording for good when Miranda Stone of Sire Records tried to shut down Red Bedroom Records.

In spring of 2007 Voegele finished recording her first full-length record with Marshall Altman in LA and decided to swap her text books in for a tour bus and a year full of shows throughout the US.

Over the next couple of years Voegele toured the country playing hundreds of shows.

Voegele embraced this newfound passion, recording her first EP during her freshman year of high school, and soon after landed gigs alongside artists like Counting Crows and John Mayer.

Those shows quickly led to attention from labels in New York and LA, and Kate spent the majority of her high school years diving headfirst into a career in music.She made her musical debut in 2003, with the release of her The Other Side extended play.She performed numerous local live shows to promote the album, and toured with artists such as John Mayer.During this time period, Voegele performed at events such as Farm Aid to promote her music, and began posting her music on popular social media network My Space.She also won numerous awards and honors for her songwriting abilities.Mia Catalano was a singer/songwriter based in Tree Hill who has released two best selling albums, Don't Look Away and A Fine Mess, through Peyton and Haley's record label Red Bedroom Records.

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