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The three join the class of 2016 as Winston Chu (Kim), a smart and sarcastic wingman, known as “the strong silent type”; Miles Hollingsworth III (Osborne), a bad-boy billionaire with charming charisma who was kicked out of boarding school for arson, and Zoë Rivas (Golja), a fierce girl with a passion for fashion who plays a “mean girl” on West Drive but claims to be sweet, despite others’ opinions.

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The show will move to Family Channel in Canada, while the streaming service will handle US distribution.

The new series is poised to make its debut in early 2016, as announced by Netflix and the show’s executive producer Stephen Stohn on twitter.

In coming to Netflix’s ad-free streaming service, the show — which from the beginning has aimed to address adolescent problems in a realistic way — has more breathing room to develop storylines, said Stephen Stohn, president of DHX Media’s Epitome Pictures and executive producer of “Degrassi.” “With ad-supported TV, ratings are at the top of the list and in some cases dictate creative decisions,” Stohn said, adding that when viewership declines there can be a tendency among network executives to shy away from controversial subject matter. With Netflix we’re just encouraged to tell the stories we want to tell.” Netflix, famously, does not divulge viewing numbers for individual titles — and doesn’t need TV-size audiences to support an advertising revenue stream.

“Degrassi: The Next Generation” was nominated on Thursday for a Primetime Emmy in the children’s program category, marking its fourth Emmy nom.

She recently graduated from Pearson School for the Arts, and now attends H. The next movie she's set to be in is Mistletoe Over Manhattan, a Hallmark movie of the week.

That movie also stars Damon Runyan, who portrayed Coach Carson on Degrassi.

The streamer’s deal for the show came after Nickelodeon declined to pick it up, after 14 seasons of airing “Degrassi: The Next Generation” (pictured above) on Teen Nick and MTV.

The final episode of “Next Generation” will air July 31, ending the franchise’s run on cable.

The show will have a returning cast comprised of performers such as Olivia Scriven, Eric Osborne, Nikki Gould, and Andre Kim, and will focus on what Netflix dubbed “Generation Z”, and had this to say about the show’s focus.

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