Windows vista news gadget not updating

Of course, your favorites may not be the same as mine or Ed's, depending on how you use your computer and what information you like to have at your fingertips.

If you're a massive Gadget fan and miss perusing the gadget gallery, we urge you to check out Tom's Guide's '25 Free and Useful Windows Desktop Gadgets.' Gadgets first debuted on Windows Vista.

These small programs remain useful, even though Microsoft withdrew official support for them on Windows 7.

Many Vista users were complaining about UAC and they wanted to keep it turned off.

Though the UAC feature has been introduced to provide better security on windows, many did not like it from an usability perspective.

So if you’re having this issue, here’s a quick fix.

Open the location were the gadget lives (c: Usersusername App Data Local Microsoft Windows Sidebar Gadgets Daily Dilbert.gadget) and open up Daily

For a long time, I used the calendar application included with Vista (which you can see in Figure A, third from the top).

The calendar is probably the gadget I use most often because I work with many deadlines and I like having the whole month right there in front of me so I can quickly see, for instance, what day of the week the 19th is when someone asks me whether I can meet that day.

My other Gadgets (other clocks, calendar, weather) do not.

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