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When you update the documents, Robo Help updates the converted HTML topics, TOC, index, and glossary.

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In my case, the designer wanted to add titles in a higher position of the document than normal margins would allow, but also wanted to avoid placing the text into a header to be repeated on multiple pages.

Now for the solution…Clicking on our PDF Table of Contents items (which come from the text in our text boxes) currently give us this error message: Look familiar? The link is an absolute path even though the location is within the same file.

I have all the settings checked in the Acrobat PDF Maker, but no links are being created in the resulting TOC in the PDF. I did some research on this and it turned out to be an easily fixable issue in Word itself.

Microsoft Word’s TOC function creates hyperlinks to Headings found in the Word file.

By default, Word automatically updates data in a linked object when you open the Word file or when changes are made to the source data while the Word file is open.

However, if you only need the table updated just before you send it to the printer, you can change Word settings so you can manually control the update.

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The source document that you have linked to the Robo Help project is moved to another folder, renamed, or deleted.

I am having trouble converting a Table of Contents in Word to PDF so that all the hyperlinks work.

But when I copy the files to another folder, the Word document is still trying to link to the file in the previous folder rather than the new folder. I've been using linked Word/Excel documents for 10 years and have never really had a problem.

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