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He still has to obey the cookie-cutter rules and make his bosses money. 24, 2011 My major spoilers and speculation analysis of the first full trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. 18, 2011 : It sure is fun to look up these “scoops”. I just don’t think Nolan will “ruin” his resume by putting a Nightwing or Robin into his “last” career film.Terry has to do all sorts of detective work like going around town asking questions, going in disguise, talking to police (Jim and Barb Gordon), etc. Joker gets killed eventually by, gasp, an adult Damian.

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He’s also got a T-Shirt design contest going to fuel the hype machine with first prize being $3500.

20, 2012 Seems Nolan’s finished with first cut of the film and has screened it for the WB execs.

I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a mole, pure and simple.

There’s also new confirmation that Gordon becomes the target of as-of-yet-unconfirmed villains and that he can only trust Batman.

I want to start a regular entry called “Living up to the Stereotype”.

It’s main focus is, for me as an Asian-American, to live up to the American stereotypes of Asians (what is unfortunately an amalgamation of a diversity of Asian cultures).

If done right, you will be wondering, “Man, that guy is nuts”.

It’s a dude in a “costume”, but with a blue police-officer’s bulletproof vest on.

AND OF COURSE, Mc Ginnis is driven by revenge, but eventually Grayson (who is more spiritual and less vigilant than his mentor) teaches him how to find peace, and ultimately introduces him to his mentor, a now reclusive elderly Bruce Wayne.

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